Below is information about training with Delmarva NAVHDA. Experienced members will readily answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!

Training days are listed under the events section on the home page and chapter members will receive an email about ordering birds before the training day (typically the Monday before). If you are not yet a member but are going to join our training day and didn't get the email please call our training director (Ivan Mast 302-542-1173) or email our director of membership (Margaret Quillen 


The following is a list of equipment recommended for training your dog with Delmarva NAVHDA.

For the Dogs

  • Water & Bowl to keep your dog hydrated and cool

  • Squeeze bottle to water your dog in the field

  • Sturdy leather or nylon collar

  • 6′ leather leash

  • Kennel or Stakeout for when you dog is waiting their turn

  • 20′ check cord (optional), High visibility recommended

For the Humans

  • Fluorescent clothing e.g. hat, shirt, and/or vest

  • Sturdy boots for walking over rough uneven terrain

  • Rubber boots for wet days

  • Bug spray for ticks and chiggers

  • Starter pistol and primers

  • Bird bag

  • Whistle

As you proceed with your training you may want to purchase bird launchers, E-collars, bumpers, decoys etc. 


Conservation Access Pass

In Delaware, it is required to display a Conservation Access Pass on your car when parking at Delaware Wildlife Areas. However, when the chapter reserves the dog training area, a Conservation Access Pass is not required. For training days, we appreciate donations to cover the cost of the reservation.

To obtain your pass, please visit:

Scheduling Information

  • Check the calendar on the homepage for updates to the testing and training schedule and locations.

  • Join Delmarva NAVHDA to be informed of schedule changes (via email), additions, and how to request birds for training days.

  • We recommend checking our facebook page or calling our Training Director, Ivan Mast (302-542-1173) for last minute updates prior to traveling to training events from out of town. 


2022 Tentative Dates

March 6th Alan Visintainer Herring Run Farm Sunday

April 3rd Beagle Club/Petersburg Sunday

May 1st Beagle Club/Petersburg Sunday

May 14-15 Test Dates

June 4th Beagle Club/Petersburg Saturday

July 9th Beagle Club/Petersburg Saturday

August 6th Beagle Club/Petersburg Saturday

September 10th Beagle Club /Petersburg Saturday

October 2nd Beagle Club/Petersburg Sunday

November 6th Beagle Club/Petersburg Training and Annual meeting. Sunday

December 4th Beagle Club/Petersburg Sunday