Below is information about training with Delmarva NAVHDA. Experienced members will readily answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!


The following is a list of equipment recommended for training your dog with Delmarva NAVHDA.

For the Dogs

  • Water & Bowl to keep your dog hydrated and cool

  • Squeeze bottle to water your dog in the field

  • Sturdy leather or nylon collar

  • 6′ leather leash

  • Kennel or Stakeout for when you dog is waiting their turn

  • 20′ check cord (optional), High visibility recommended

For the Humans

  • Fluorescent clothing e.g. hat, shirt, and/or vest

  • Sturdy boots for walking over rough uneven terrain

  • Rubber boots for wet days

  • Bug spray for ticks and chiggers

  • Starter pistol and primers

  • Bird bag

  • Whistle

As you proceed with your training you may want to purchase bird launchers, E-collars, bumpers, decoys etc. 


Conservation Access Pass

In Delaware, it is required to display a Conservation Access Pass on your car when parking at Delaware Wildlife Areas. However, when the chapter reserves the dog training area, a Conservation Access Pass is not required. For training days, we appreciate donations to cover the cost of the reservation.

To obtain your pass, please visit:

Scheduling Information

  • Check the calendar on the homepage for testing and training schedule and locations.

  • Join Delmarva NAVHDA to be informed of schedule changes (via email), additions, and how to request birds for training days.

  • We recommend checking our facebook page or calling our Training Director, Ivan Mast (302-542-1173) for last minute updates prior to traveling to training events from out of town. 

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