Test Day Info

For general information about testing in Navhda, please visit:  https://www.navhda.org/testing

2019 DelMarVa Test Dates

  • Saturday, May 18 and Sunday May 19 – NA/UPT/UT Test
  • Saturday, September 21 and Sunday September 22 – NA/UPT/UT Test

Test Secretary  Marc A. St. Jean – marc@tnias.org  

944 Ponderosa Dr., Magnolia, DE 19962

Your dog must be registered in NAVHDA before you complete your test registration:  Please visit:   https://www.navhda.org/registry

Test entry forms:  NAVHDA member number and your dog registry number to complete test entry form.  Please visit: https://www.navhda.org/sites/www.navhda.org/files/assets/Test_EntryFrm%202017%200220%20FORM.pdf

2019 Test Fees Natural Ability Test – $100.00 Utility Preparatory Test – $150.00 Utility Test – $150.00

Test Refund Policy: Full refunds for cancellation of test entries will only be given if DelMarVa NAVHDA is notified no less than six weeks prior to the scheduled test date.  The cancellation request must be in writing and must be received by the Test Secretary no later than the cancellation date.  A phone call to the Test Secretary is acceptable to cancel the entry; however, the cancellation must be followed up with a letter or e-mail within one week to receive a refund.

The cancellation date for the May 18 & 19 test is: April 6th. 

The cancellation date for the September 21 & 22 test is: August 10th. 

After this date, if the club is still able to fill the entry/entries with another dog(s), the refund will be 80% of the entry fee. If the Club is unable to fill the entry/entries with another dog(s), No Refund will be given.*

*In the event that special or extenuating circumstances impact the timely cancellation of an entry, an entrant may submit an appeal letter to the Executive Council of DelMarVa NAVHDA requesting a refund.   For additional information on the refund appeal process, please contact the Chapter President.