Training Equipment Requirements

When you first start training your dog(s) for NAVHDA, you may be unaware or unsure of what will be needed for equipment.  The following is a list of equipment that you will need to start training your dog(s) in NAVHDA.  Most all the equipment is available at Lion Country Supply, however you may be able to find the items elsewhereWe do recommend you shop around.  To help, out we have included the LC Supply item number.

For your dog.

    • Water & Bowl -You will need plenty of water while training your dog.  You will need the water to keep them hydrated and cool.  Don’t always assume there is water available a the training site.  Recommend gallon milk jugs or similar and small water bottles to carry with you in the field.
    • Sturdy leather or nylon collar.
    • 6′ leather leash.
    • Pinch or prong collar.  (Used only during obedience training.)
    • 20′ check cord.  High visibility preferred since may be setting it down quite often.              LC Supply # HVCC
    • Stake out.  Used if you will not be keeping your dog kenneled.  LC Supply # BSO
    • Hammer heavy enough to pound in the stake out.
    • Starter pistol. Pretty much your choice here.  Suggest LC Supply # TP2
    • Primers for whatever pistol you choose.
    • Bird bag.  LC Supply # BGBB
    • Whistle.
    • Tick protection.

For You.

  • Fluorescent clothing e.g. hat, shirt, vest, or all.
  • Sturdy boots for walking over rough uneven terrain.
  • Muck boots for wet days.
  • Pancho or rain coat.
  • Chaps.  Recommended not required.
  • Bug spray suitable for ticks and chiggers.

The items listed above are a minimum to get started.  Please don’t depend on your club members to supply you with this equipment.  They may be willing to help out if you forget something, but may not be willing to lend them to you on a regular basis.  As you proceed with your training you may find there are other things you may need or want to purchase.  This may be bird launchers, E-collars, bumpers, decoys etc.  Experienced members will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great training day!