2020 Event Dates

Please note that effective immediately, you MUST belong to NAVHDA if you are going to be anywhere near where fire arms are being used. 

If you do not belong to NAVHDA and you plan on leaving the clubhouse or parking lot to watch or work your own dog, you must sign a release form each and every time.

These rules are set by NAVHDA International and they are for insurance purposes.

Conservation Pass

You must have a Delaware Conservation Pass displayed on your car to park at Petersburg.  To obtain your pass, please visit: https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/fish-wildlife/conservation-access-pass/

2020 Force Fetch Clinic

March 29, 2020  Location: Herring Run (Alan’s) Farm (click here for directions elsewhere on this site) Cost: $25.  Food will be available.  (Donations for food will be gratefully accepted.)

Contact Marc St. Jean at


phone (302) 331-1158

if you have questions about the seminar or if you want to volunteer to help

Please download  below application form and  mail to Margaret with your check at addresses provided at bottom of the form.   

2020 Force Fetch Seminar

The cancellation date for the Force Fetch Clinic is: TO BE ANNOUNCED

2020 Training Dates:

All Sundays

9:00 unless otherwise notified of time change.

January 5th Beagle Club

February 9th Beagle Club

March 15th Herring Run Farm (Alan’s place in Denton MD)

April 5th Beagle Club

May 3rd   at Beagle Club

June 7th  Beagle Club

July 12th  Beagle Club

August 9th Beagle Club

September 6th  Beagle club

October 11th Beagle Club

November 8th Beagle Club–ANNUAL MEETING

December 6th Beagle Club

  • 9:00 unless otherwise notified of time change. (We normally start earlier during the heat of the summer)
  • We will notify members in advance where we will be training via email.
  • To join, contact Margaret Quillen, 11407 Beideman Rd., Lincoln, DE 19960, 302-270-1420 cell or 302-684-4263 fax or email heidi98@comcast.net
  • If you do Facebook, please check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/164929282628/ for updates (you do not have to belong to our chapter to join our FB group).
  • Although we do our best to stick to our published schedule, often times the weather or an unbeknownst conflict at the training venue causes us to change our previously arranged dates, times and locations.
  • Please call our Training Director Ivan Mast at his cell 302 542-1173 before driving a long distance. For best results, please join our chapter so you will be informed of changes and additions and how to order birds.

Special Training Days: 

We will also offer special training days at Marshtown, TBD.

It Pays to Join Our Club because….

Before each training day, an email is sent to all members reminding them of the day, the events, who to contact for birds or to bring own birds, the location, etc.  Contact Ivan Mast, Training Director if you have questions.  ivanmast@aol.com  (302) 542-1173 (cell)

Testing Dates: 

See page TEST DAY INFO for testing information.

For Directions to all training sites:  please click here.