2018 Event Dates

Training Dates:  Beginning at 0800, initially gathering at the Beagle Clubhouse on Beagle Club Road, Felton:  June 2, July 7, Aug 4, Sept 8.

In general, we train beginning at 0800 in the warm weather, and beginning at 0900 in the cold weather.  Baring a holiday or a field test on the grounds, etc. we generally train the first Saturday of the month.

Before each training day, an email is sent to all members informing them of the day, the events, who to contact for birds or to bring own birds, the location, etc.  Contact Ivan Mast, Training Director if you have questions.

Ivan Mast, Delmarva Training Director

12075 Blacksmithshop Road

Greenwood, DE 19950


302 349 5340


Testing Dates:

Please note that effective immediately, you MUST belong to NAVHDA if you are going to be anywhere near where fire arms are being used.  If you do not belong to NAVHDA and you plan on leaving the clubhouse or parking lot to watch or work your own dog, you must sign a release form each and every time.  These rules are set by NAVHDA International and they are for insurance purposes.